Native ecommerce in your product

Our API, SDK and platform allows entrepreneurs, developers, and businesses to sell products natively on any surface. Reachu syncs with all ecommerce systems and any vendor - allowing you to sell relevant products to your users. Harness the power of digital commerce and new app monetisation strategies by adding ecommerce to your app.

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Selected Uses Cases

Front-End Freedom

The Reachu SDK supports most frameworks from Next.js to Node and React. Making it easy to implement ecommerce functionalities; such as shopping cart and native multi vendor checkout with secure payment gateways. This solution is meant for building ecommerce websites and applications, offering front-end agnostic solutions that cater to your development needs.

Whether you're looking to create an online shopping app or a comprehensive Next.js storefront, our tools are designed to make e-commerce app development a streamlined experience. Our integrations ensures data flow between your product and various ecommerce systems. Regardless of your front end stack.


Ecommerce In Your Application In Days - Not Months

Implementing e-commerce in app development doesn't have to be a lengthy process. Embedding ecommerce is the premier way to increase revenue while enhancing user experience and relevance. With Reachu, native ecommerce in your mobile app, web application or product has never been more obtainable.


Front-End Agnostic

Reachu offers a comprehensive suite of tools including shopping cart, native checkout, payment gateways, and product access with real time sync. Supporting the most commonly used developer frameworks. It's not just about making an online store app; it's about transforming your app into a marketplace that effectively monetizes your audience, while preserving the integrity of your brand.

Reachu Easy to use dashboard

One Platform, Total Control

Intuitive dashboard and management tools ensure that ecommerce app development is as straightforward as possible. Collaborate with multiple vendors while retaining complete control over orders, products, logistics, and earnings. Whether you're aiming to monetize an app with in-app purchases or seeking ecommerce mobile app development, Reachu provides total oversight within a single platform.

Collaborate with ecommerce suppliers

Multi Vendor Ecommerce

Easily implement our pre-built integrations or connect using our integration configurator to connect to any ecommerce system and supplier. Start selling products without having to worry about warehousing or inventory. Leverage the multi-vendor functionality and open cart application capabilities with Reachu.

Add ecommerce faster

Accelerate Deployment

Kickstart your project with our API and SDK – the simplest solution for seamlessly integrating e-commerce into your app. Compatible with iOS, Flutter, Android, React, Next.js and more. Experience faster time-to-market and substantial cost savings.

Home Native Ecommerce

Inventory, Product Information and Orders in one place!

The Reachu platform provides you with a complete overview of products, inventory, collaboration partners and orders. Sell products with confidence and know you have it all in one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Level up your product and become a part of the ecommerce revolution.

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