Testing market with Reachu and dropshippers


Published 08.12.2023

Testing markets with Dropshipping retailers

Stroker AS serves an international customer base from their HQ in Oslo. 


Their main product does things very few strokers can. If you’re after a device that’s exceptionally well-built, with remote control, video syncing, and scripting built in - there aren’t many alternatives to choose between.


So it’s no surprise that Stroker found a healthy market in Norway and across Europe.

A mission to connect with US retailers

Encouraged by strong sales, a passionate community, and an expanding range of add-ons, Stroker decided to take the product to the US market.

Any wholesalers will face challenges when expanding to retailers in a new region. The negotiations, agreements, and financial expectations will be highly unpredictable, and potentially very time-consuming.

Stroker nonetheless found ways to expand their operations without taking major risks. They made sure their website could take US orders, set up an Amazon store, and established a distribution centre in LA.

Before long, once an order was placed, customers would receive their shipment within days.

Using dropshipping to test the market

Stroker decided to use dropshipping to scale their growth without unnecessary risks.

A responsible approach to dropshipping could do just what Stroker needed. They would select their partners carefully - keeping some control of messaging, ensuring they weren’t being undercut on price, and guaranteeing a high quality of service from third parties.

So far so good. But technical problems made the model more challenging. The US warehouse could only get orders to customers if data was passed effectively from dropshippers back to Stroker.

There would always be a problem when merchants tried to send order information to Stroker. And there was no good way for a small business to deal with it.

They could end up spending hours of work manually inputting every order. While larger businesses might be able to invest in personalized software solutions to let the data flow between platforms, that kind of solution was completely out of Stroker’s reach.

Whatever local automations they set up, orders could still be missed, and information could go out of date.

Reachu makes dropshipping run smoothly

Reachu was the perfect integration solution for Stroker’s problem.

Stroker quickly connected Reachu with their WooCommerce store - adding new functionality to their existing digital structures.

With Reachu, they were easily able to make product listings and information available to new retailers. Using stock sync and inventory synchronization to sync inventory with shopify, woocommerce and magento based retailers.

Inventory levels and descriptions could be kept up to date, and orders synchronized back into the warehouse.

In short, Reachu meant that Stroker could expand their retail presence with a reliable, easy-to-implement system. Even though most eCommerce platforms are not built for dropshipping on this scale, Reachu provided a highly affordable solution.

From weeks down to minutes: eCommerce made easy

Reachu has helped Stroker make major efficiencies in their dropshipping processes.

Negotiations with retailers are significantly reduced. Both parties have the chance to scale and test without large inventory investments. Remarkably, the time taken to onboard a merchant with Stroker has been reduced from weeks to minutes - a game-changer for both sides!

The flow of information is handled without any additional administrative burdens on staff. No-one needs to change their digital workflows.

Stroker is now gradually expanding their reach. With four dropshipping merchants on board, they’re continually onboarding new partners - all while making use of their same centralized inventory and warehousing systems.


The team at Stroker can rest assured that their product is finding its way across the US. As the project unfolds, they can decide whether the US market will work for them.

As people around the world get to know about the Stroker, further markets will open up. And as they do, Stroker knows they’ve got a data processing system that will work.

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