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Published 15.10.2023

How a popular blog diversified their revenue streams using Reachu

Even when you’ve been delivering great content for years, income from printed media is difficult to sustain in today’s digital-first age. That’s a position that Norway’s leading magazines, has found themselves in.


Although they have embraced digital content for a long time. Their website is a treasure-trove of advice for every detail of a special event - venues, clothes, food, and more.


Their glossy print magazine is still available from local newsstands. But event planners now have the choice of consuming content in whatever way suits them.

How to make revenue from readers 

Their website has consistently generated income through advertising.

However, as a revenue model, paid adverts are not always an ideal solution. Even when they fit with the content of a page, readers don’t click-through as much. What’s more, the revenue from individual clicks has never been that high.

Faced with the same situation, some publications simply add more and more ads, until their landing pages are almost impossible to read. This model wouldn’t suit this magazine at all - the website needs to focus attention on the exclusive products they describe.

Likewise, other methods of income - such as affiliate marketing, or producing their own product lines - just didn’t seem to match with the magazine’s core purpose.

Can content commerce do the job?

As an alternative, the team wondered if they could use their platform for some kind of eCommerce enterprise. After all - their platform is designed to help people with their event related purchases.

It’s not unusual for magazines to run substantial advertorials. Some form of “content commerce” could deliver an improved reading experience to customers - while maintaining the magazine’s impartiality, and raising revenues.

With content commerce, product listings are embedded within high-quality content. The publishing platform matches authoritative content with super-relevant products, giving readers a clear path through the confusing world of online shopping.

Yet most magazines do not have the capacity to build inventory, fulfilment, or customer services. That’s where reachu steps in.

Reachu embeds commerce without coding

Reachu makes it extremely easy to embed product listings in online content.

First, the blog creator needs to form a partnership with an online merchant. The reachu platform makes this hassle free for both parties. The blog can simply have one of their partnering merchants share access to their selected inventory through reachus plug and pay integrations.

Both sides need to install the reachu plugin (free-to-use for the first connection). This is a simple operation on most development platforms: and the publisher doesn’t need to invest in a full eCommerce system.

They then head over to their reachu dashboards, and the merchant invites the content provider to connect. The publisher can immediately choose inventory items to sell through their content. When a user buys through the magazine gets a good commission per-purchase.

With reachu, embedding commerce becomes as simple as checking your social media.

A safe way of trialling a new approach to revenue

This popular blog is now using Reachu to explore content commerce. They are free to tweak it until everything works well. If one product doesn’t work as well as they hoped, there is no loss. Their excellent writers can continue to produce high-quality content, discover appropriate products, and embed them when an article goes live.

No-one at the blog needs experience of eCommerce technology to get the embedded content up and running.


Reachu allows content creators to diversify their revenue streams with commerce, without endless tutorials, trial-and-error, or costly development. We take care of the technology, leaving the blog or online magazine to build the connections that really matter.

The same approach can work for every size of content creator - from one-person blogs, to multi-national publishing organizations.

Reachu helps content creators make an income from eCommerce. Click here to get started.

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