Published 12.12.2023

Livestream Shopping

Revolutionizing Online Shopping with Livestream ecommerce Integrations | A Deep Dive into a new segment of Ecommerce

Exploring the Innovative Blend of Live Video Streaming and Online Sales

Live shopping is an emerging concept in the digital commerce arena, characterized by the combination of live video streaming and embedded e-commerce. This format is gaining traction as it allows sellers to showcase their products interactively, while giving customers the opportunity to make real-time purchases. Unlike traditional online shopping, which revolves around browsing and adding items to a cart, live shopping introduces a more dynamic and engaging approach. While still evolving, this method of shopping is reshaping certain aspects of the e-commerce experience by infusing the immediacy and a personal touch of live interactions.

The Nature of Live Shopping

Live shopping is an interactive experience that transcends the conventional process of online shopping. It's not just about filling up a shopping cart; it's about engaging with the products and the sellers in a live setting. This format brings a new dimension to e-commerce, where promotions are often only valid during the live stream, adding an element of urgency and exclusivity to the shopping experience.

Users who tune in to these live sessions can interact with the sellers, much like they would in a social media live stream. They can ask questions, leave comments, and gain deeper insights into the products. This interactive aspect is similar to being in a brick-and-mortar store but from the comfort of one's own home.

Moreover, live shopping allows sellers to display reviews and recommendations directly on the screen, helping guide viewers through their purchasing decisions. This feature is a significant step up from traditional e-commerce methods, where customers often have to navigate away from the product page to read reviews.

Reimagining E-commerce through Live Shopping

Live shopping is redefining the way we think about online shopping. It's like merging the social media experience with e-commerce. Instead of just 'liking' a product promoted by a favorite influencer, viewers now have the option to purchase it directly during the live stream.

This new shopping model is slowly chipping away at the unique advantages of experiential shopping offered by physical stores while combining it with the convenience of online shopping. Brands are starting to realize the potential of live shopping in offering an immersive and interactive experience that traditional e-commerce platforms have been lacking.

In the evolving world of livestream shopping, one of the key challenges faced by platforms like Tipio, known for its group purchase offerings, was maintaining a seamless user experience during live events. Traditionally, viewers interested in products featured during livestreaming were redirected to different pages to complete their purchases, disrupting the flow of interaction and potentially leading to lost engagement and sales.

Implementing API 's and integrations for ecommerce, allow streaming platforms to directly embed products into the stream, enabling users to complete the purchase without ever having to leave the Show!

The Collaboration Solution

Addressing this issue required a strategic approach, and this is where the collaboration between Innovena, known for their expertise in user experience design, and Reachu.io, specialists in e-commerce integration, became critical. Their joint effort aimed to integrate e-commerce functionalities directly into the livestream, enabling viewers to make purchases without leaving the stream.

Technical Integration and User Experience

The technical challenge involved aligning the live broadcast interface with an embedded checkout process. Innovena's skill in front-end development using HTML, CSS, Flutter, JS, and React/Next.js, combined with Reachu.io's advanced integrations, enabled a smooth and frictionless shopping experience within the livestream.

The Implementation

This collaboration led to the integration of Reachu.io’s API, facilitating a direct and real-time connection with various suppliers’ e-commerce systems. This meant products, orders, and inventory could be managed live, directly within the Tipio livestream. The synergy of Innovena's software expertise and Reachu.io's e-commerce system transformed the platform into a dynamic and interactive digital marketplace.

Outcomes and Impact

The result of this partnership was multifaceted:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Viewers enjoyed a streamlined process where they could stay engaged with the live content while making purchases.

  2. Increased Conversion Rates: The convenience of on-site checkout led to higher sales conversions for Tipio.

  3. Supplier Benefits: Real-time engagement with the audience provided immediate sales opportunities and exposure for suppliers.


The Innovena and Reachu.io collaboration highlights the transformative potential in the e-commerce sector, especially in the realm of livestream shopping. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of integrating user experience design with advanced e-commerce solutions, paving the way for a future where e-commerce is not only interactive and intuitive but also seamlessly integrated into live digital experiences.

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