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Published 08.12.2023

Expand Your Horizon with Reachu Partnerships

Empower Your App with Reachu: A Partnership That Opens Doors to New E-Commerce Opportunities.

Welcome to the forefront of e-commerce evolution, where is redefining the landscape for app developers and online merchants. In a world where collaboration is the key to growth, Reachu stands out as a powerful ally, offering a unique partnership model. This blog post delves into the value offered by partnering with and the workings of a system designed to empower, expand, and enrich your business without any initial costs.

The Reachu Advantage:

At, we recognize the importance of synergy in the digital economy. Our platform serves as a conduit between the creators and the market, facilitating product sharing and collaborative growth. By partnering with us, app developers and service providers gain access to our comprehensive API and SDK, enabling them to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functionalities into their clients' apps.

Risk-Free Commission Model:

Our partners enjoy a risk-free engagement with no upfront costs. As a developer, you earn a commission for every customer onboarded, meaning every app that incorporates Reachu's API benefits your bottom line. It's a performance-based partnership where your success is rewarded.

Collaborative Growth:

Embrace the collaborative spirit that Reachu's platform advocates. With our infrastructure, merchants can extend their reach, sellers can broaden their product range, and expertise can be shared to ensure mutual growth and learning. Merchants leveraging Reachu's platform can significantly extend their reach by tapping into a network of online stores and digital marketplaces. This expansion isn't just about entering new markets; it's about connecting with a broader, more diverse audience, ready to engage with your products.

Sellers are empowered to broaden their product range effortlessly, thanks to the seamless integration with Reachu's network of third-party collaborators. Through the Reachu dashboard, sellers access a curated list of partners within the 'Connections' section, enabling them to source a variety of products without the need to manage inventory or navigate complex logistics.

This comprehensive dashboard is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to a community-driven marketplace. Here, sellers manage products, track orders, and oversee collaborations—all in one place. The convenience of the Reachu dashboard simplifies these processes, allowing sellers to focus on what they do best: selling.

By fostering these connections, Reachu creates an ecosystem where knowledge is exchanged, best practices are shared, and all members thrive. It's a place where the collective expertise of the network uplifts individual businesses, ensuring continuous growth and learning. The platform's emphasis on collaboration and mutual benefit makes Reachu an invaluable partner for those looking to broaden their horizons in the e-commerce domain.

Brand Integrity and Security:

Maintain brand integrity with Reachu's third-party administration features. Control who has access to your product catalogs and oversee how your products are presented and sold, all while expanding your reach through strategic collaborations.

Versatile Product Sourcing:

Even without your own product line, Reachu enables you to source from a diverse array of partners, offering a hassle-free solution to increase your offerings and tap into new markets.

The Reachu Partner Program:

Joining the Reachu Partner Program means more than just additional revenue. It's about enhancing your service offerings and delivering projects with speed and quality. Our tools and support are designed to accelerate development and enhance end results, trusted by innovators across the industry.

Embrace E-commerce Everywhere:

Our versatile API and platform allow for the embedding of e-commerce in any digital space—apps, games, VR, websites—across various operating systems and platforms, ensuring you're ready for the future of e-commerce.

Speed and Agility:

Leap over the hurdles of traditional software development with Reachu. Embed comprehensive e-commerce functionalities into any application effortlessly, ensuring faster deployment and cost savings.

Unified Data Access and Real-Time Sync:

With Reachu, you gain centralized and standardized access to product data, order synchronization, and stock accuracy, all updated in real-time. This means your clients can confidently sell products sourced from partners, with all the logistics handled seamlessly.

Native Checkout and Support:

Leverage our SDK to implement native checkout processes directly within any app, enhancing user experience by keeping everything on-site. Plus, our comprehensive customer support platform acts as an extension of your team, delivering instant answers and ensuring customer satisfaction.

One API Many ecommerce systems

The Reachu API and SDK supports most advanced development frameworks including Flutter, React Native, Next.js, and Java. The API is available as GraphQL and as a REST API.  Reachu's API is designed to be integrated into any product, application, website, or game, including mobile applications. While our ecommerce API and pre-built integrations allows you to connect with just about any ecommerce system and partner.


Closing Statement:

The Reachu partnership is more than an alliance; it's a strategic decision to empower your business with the tools and capabilities needed to succeed in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. By aligning with us, you're not just adapting to the digital economy—you're leading it. Join us and be part of the revolution that's setting the new standard for e-commerce integration.

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