Published 12.12.2023

Livestream Commerce

Innovena and Reachu.io Partner Up to Embed Ecommerce in Tipio Livestreams. Tipio’s User Experience Transformed.


The realm of livestream shopping, synonymous with instant engagement and convenience, underwent a transformative upgrade thanks to the strategic alliance between UX design authority Innovena and ecommerce integration leader Reachu.io. Tipio, an innovative marketplace platform specializing in group purchases, encountered a user experience hurdle: viewers were being redirected away from their dynamic livestreams to complete purchases, disrupting the interactive flow. Innovena, revered for their user-focused digital solutions, joined forces with Reachu.io to seamlessly integrate ecommerce capabilities right within the livestream, maintaining the live shopping's essence of real-time interaction and convenience.

The Challenge:

Tipio's livestreams showcased products in an interactive, real-time environment, but the process to purchase was disjointed. Viewers had to navigate away from the livestream to finalize their transactions, often resulting in lost engagement and sales. This friction within the buying process contradicted the very essence of livestream shopping: seamless, instant, and interactive commerce. 

Innovena’s prowess in HTML/CSS/Flutter/JS and React/Next.js was pivotal in integrating Reachu.io’s sophisticated integrations, ensuring a frictionless alignment between the live broadcast interface and the embedded checkout process.

The Solution:

Reachu.io provided the technological bridge with its universal API and ecommerce integrations, while Innovena implemented these tools into Tipio’s interface. This synergy allowed for a native checkout process where viewers could buy products without ever leaving the livestream. By doing so, Tipio retained viewership and enhanced the user experience, transforming their platform into a fully-fledged digital marketplace without the need to build an entire ecommerce infrastructure from scratch. The project capitalized on Innovena's expertise in backend/API integrations to synchronize the livestream platform with Reachu.io's ecommerce system, allowing for real-time transactions without disrupting the user experience.

The Implementation:

Innovena integrated Reachu.io’s API, which enabled a real-time connection with various suppliers’ ecommerce systems. This integration allowed for a live synchronization of products, orders, and inventory management directly within Tipio’s livestreaming service. Through the strategic use of modern software; Innovena and Reachu.io crafted a robust, interactive platform that elevated Tipio’s livestream shopping experience to new heights.

The Outcome:

For Innovena, the result was a testament to their expertise in delivering a superior user experience and meeting the digital demands of modern consumers. For Tipio, the implementation meant viewers stayed engaged, enjoyed uninterrupted live content, and made purchases in a single, cohesive digital environment.

Key Results:

  • User experience significantly enhanced with the elimination of redirections during the purchasing process.

  • Tipio saw an increase in sales conversion rates due to the convenience of the on-site checkout.

  • Suppliers benefited from real-time exposure to a live and engaged audience, leading to immediate sales interactions.


The collaboration between Innovena and Reachu.io exemplifies the future of ecommerce — one that is integrated, interactive, and intuitive. Tipio's livestream shopping experience now mirrors the expectations of the modern consumer, offering a glimpse into the potential of what fully integrated ecommerce platforms can achieve. This case study serves as a blueprint for similar platforms looking to elevate their user experience and capitalize on the live commerce trend, because this collaboration showcases how expert UX development, coupled with advanced backend/API integrations, can revolutionize the ecommerce space.

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