Conditions for Purchase

Last Updated: June 29, 2023
Thank you for purchasing through Reachu!

Please carefully review these Purchase Conditions (“Terms”, “Agreement”) before purchasing a product delivered through The Agreement sets out the legally binding terms and conditions for your purchase. When these Terms mention “we,” “us,” and “Reachu” it refers to ASGM Solutions AS which owns and operates ASGM Solutions AS is a limited liability company registered in Norway under the company registration number: 931 094 068 and address: Elgfaret 28, 206 Frogner, Norway. This agreement is between you and ASGM Solutions AS.

Reachu's services enable you to purchase products directly where you spend your time online. All products purchased through Reachu are delivered by our partner suppliers. It is stated in the product description and order confirmation which supplier(s) will deliver your order.

1. Purchases made through Reachu

Once your order has been registered and you have received an order confirmation by email, the supplier responsible for fulfilling your order will receive your order electronically. The supplier has 48 hours to accept it. You will be informed as soon as your order is processed by our supplier. Reachu considers the order to be complete when our supplier has accepted the order. In some instances it may happen that your order is rejected, in most cases due to the item no longer being available. You will not be invoiced or charged if the order cannot be delivered.

We recommend that you save the order confirmation received through email when purchasing. We will ask you for the order number or return number for all communication regarding your order.

To cancel your order before the products have been sent to you, please contact us at Remember to put the order number in the email.

2. Prices & Payment

We collect prices, information and descriptions from our suppliers. We do our best to ensure that this information is correct and up to date. All prices are given in local currency where possible and including VAT. The price of shipping and any potential payment fee will be stated at checkout before you complete the purchase.

Please note that we receive prices and other information from our suppliers, thus situations may arise where errors occur. In the event of obvious price errors, Reachu reserves the right to correct the price. If you are not satisfied with the changes in price, you can of course cancel the order. In cases where the wrong price has been given, Reachu will inform you of this as soon as possible.

When ordering a product from a supplier outside of your country or economic area, a duty or import fee may apply. In cases where duty or import fees arise, you as the customer are responsible for paying the fee.

VAT is included in all prices. You can choose the payment method that suits you best. For ordering goods paid for with a payment card, you must be 15 years of age or have approval from your guardian(s).

The total purchase amount is reserved on your account immediately after ordering, and will not be available on your account unless the reservation is reversed. The reservation will not be deducted from your account until the order has been processed by our supplier. If only parts of your order can be delivered, we will only deduct money for the items that can be delivered to you, the rest of the reservation will be canceled and made available to your account.

3. Shipping & Delivery

We consider items purchased through Reachu to be completed when you have received the item. You will receive an email to the address you provided at checkout when the product is sent from our supplier. We recommend you save this email for reference. All our suppliers are required to send products within a maximum of 5 days after the order is registered. Delivery normally takes place within 3-5 working days after the order has been accepted and delivered to the courier. Our suppliers are responsible for which courier they choose to use, unless you selected a specific courier at checkout. In some instances the courier will deliver the package to a local pick up point or other delivery location depending on the shipping method selected and courier. If you have ordered goods from several of our suppliers, the goods will be sent in separate packages. You will also receive a confirmation email per package.

All delivery deadlines are indicative, and deviations may occur. Certain products will have longer delivery times during peak seasons. Reachu is not responsible for any delays due to errors or delays from the courier or suppliers. If your shipment is delayed or lost, we will do our best to help you so that you receive the product(s) as soon as possible. Contact us at, remember to state the order number / return number in all email correspondence.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the customer and delivery information you have provided is correct. We recommend that you check these after completing the order. Should you discover errors in the information provided, please contact us as soon as possible and state the order number in the email. Any failed deliveries or lost packages will, in the event of incorrect information provided by you, be your responsibility.

When ordering a product from a supplier outside of your country, a duty or import fee may apply. In cases where duty or import fees arise, you as the customer are responsible for paying the fee.

4. Returns & Right of Withdrawal

You always have a 14-day right of withdrawal and return right from the day you received the item(s). To return the item, please contact us directly. Please note that you have 14 days to send the item you want to return from the day you filled out the return form. As a general rule, you as a customer must pay for the return shipping costs unless otherwise stated in the product information when purchasing.

The return package must be delivered to the respective delivery point in accordance with the couriers requirements. Return address and other information about the courier and return will be provided automatically after you have filled out the return form. You are responsible for the condition of the product(s) after you have received the product(s) and during the return shipment. The product(s) must be sent well packaged, in good condition and in packaging that can withstand the shipping. If you have received packages from several of our suppliers, it is your responsibility to return the correct package to the respective supplier. We therefore recommend taking care of the receipt and shipment number provided by the courier.

Always be careful when trying on products at home. All returned items must be in "as new" condition, i.e. the same condition in which you received them. The products must have all original "tags" attached and no trace of use. It is your responsibility to return the products in "as new" condition. Reachu and our suppliers reserve the right to reject returns that do not follow these guidelines. We therefore recommend that you always take care of the original packaging and pack any returns in it.

Please note that some products cannot be returned. This applies to products that are made to your measurements or made to order, products that cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons, products where the seal is broken, and products with an expiration date that makes them irreversible.

When your return is approved, it normally takes about 14 days from Reachu's supplier receiving the return until the money is refunded to your account. In some cases it can take up to 30 days, which is the maximum according to European consumer law.

If you do not pick up the package(s) at the place of delivery before they are returned, you will be charged for the return postage costs. You will not be refunded the money for the purchase until the goods have arrived at the supplier's address.

5. Faulty Items

Any errors or defects in products / goods ordered through Reachu must be reported within 2 months after you have discovered the error/defect. It is your duty to state, and explain, how the error or defect manifests itself. If you discover an error in the item, you must direct the inquiry directly to the supplier who delivered the product(s) or to Reachu. As a rule, you can only complain about errors/defects that appear within 2 years after you have received the item. For goods with a limited shelf life, your right of appeal is limited by the shelf life. As a consumer, you can choose whether the item is to be repaired or replaced. The exception to this rule is if replacement is impossible or will entail disproportionate costs for Reachu and/or the supplier.

6. Data Privacy

When ordering, you accept our "Privacy Policy" and that we register and share your personal information with the relevant parties. We need this information to process and fulfill your order. For more information please see:

7. Complaints

If you want to complain about a product or service purchased through us, you can submit a complaint to: The Norwegian Consumer Council. You can complain to the Consumer Council via For customers in other European countries, the European Commission's complaints portal can be used:

8. Force Majeure

Reachu is not responsible for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as general labor disputes, acts of war, fire, lightning, terrorist attacks, amended government regulations, technical problems, defects in power / telecommunications / computer communications or other communications and defects or delays in service from subcontractors due to conditions as mentioned above. Such conditions shall lead to exemptions from compensation and other measures. Reachu shall inform you accordingly should such a situation arise. If the situation has lasted for more than two months, both you and Reachu have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.

9. Governing Law & Disputes

Any dispute that may arise shall be resolved amicably in discussions with Reachu's customer service and respective supplier. If a settlement cannot be reached, Reachu must comply with the decisions of the Consumer Disputes Committee or equivalent authorities in other European countries. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these Purchase Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law and shall be decided exclusively by the courts in Norway.

If a competent court, authority or arbitral tribunal considers a provision of this Agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of that provision and all other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable as far as applicable law allows. Any provisions found to be invalid or unenforceable shall be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.

10. Change in Purchase Conditions

Reachu reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. Any changes to the Purchase Conditions will be published on Reachu´s webpage. Changes will take effect as soon as you have accepted the updated Terms (in connection with a new purchase). You are responsible for keeping up to date on the Purchase Conditions before ordering products through Reachu.

11. Contact

ASGM Solutions AS
Elgfaret 28
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Organization number: 931 094 068