Manage Access And Share Inventory

Sync your shop with other storefronts, retailers and dropshippers. Reachu syncs with most major ecommerce systems and makes them talk with one another.

Order sync
Stock sync
Product data

Inventory, Product Information And Orders In One Place!

Our integrations ensure inventory, product information and orders flow between various shops and ecommerce systems.

How It Works

The Reachu lets you sync product information and orders across stores and ecom systems. You can sync your own shops, with your dropshipping partners, retailers or any other collaborating partner. 

Sync With Reachu

The Reachu integration is available in most ecommerce systems plugins or app libraries.

Select Products

Create custom product collections and select which products you want to sync with Reachu.

Product Access

You’re in control of who gets access to your products. Only connected users can share product access.

Source Products & Administer Access

Connected users can choose to share products with each other to sell in their shops. Resting assured all orders and other information is up to date.

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